A Note From Our Pastor

In towns and villages

In tower blocks and terraces

Christ is waiting to be born

In palaces and shanty-towns

In high streets and back-streets

Christ is waiting to be born

In the vastness of the universe

In the intimacy of our hearts

Christ is waiting to be born

Come, Lord Jesus

Come into our homes

Come into our lives

Come and stay       (From The Iona Community)

How are you getting ready?

Christ was born in Bethlehem, “the house of bread” (the literal meaning of the city’s name). Jesus was not born in the house of royalty, nor the house of riches, nor the house of celebrity. Jesus was not born in Jerusalem, nor in Rome, nor in Athens or Alexandria. Jesus was not born in any political, commercial, cultural, educational, or socially significant city of the day. Bread is one of life’s most common things. Jesus’ birth was announced to shepherds, the common man, not to King Herod. His cradle was a manger, an animal’s feeding trough in a lowly stable.

No doubt, His was one of many births that night. God became a wailing, wrinkled newborn birthed onto the rough stable and straw of life.  God became a child.  God didn’t text, tweet, email, or Skype.  God became one of us, with us, face to face.

The baby is a love child, in Whom God shows us just how far

God will go to be held in our arms.

In the light of that star beneath which the ordinary becomes Holy and the Holy ordinary, beneath which it becomes exceedingly clear that there is nothing more we must do or be to be loved by God. That night is the night when, with all our singing, we celebrate Jesus’ birth – and ours too, in a sense. We bow to the Child who was born in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, the Child who shows us what is at the heart of every child, every woman, and every man.  But it is not just to the past that we bow. We don’t have to look back, nor do we have to look far.  For the Child is here and now.

Black Friday has been exported to Canada. Internet sales, selling electronics in limited quantities.  Sale ends tomorrow better buy now.  Last year Amazon sold 4.7 billion dollars worth of stuff.  We can become lost in crowded malls, financial debt, and endless lists of gifts to buy.  Money does not equal love.  The challenge is to look up at the night sky and see something new.  Strive to see the birth of Christ from inside the stable instead of inside the mall and experience again the moment when God entered our world to make things right.

Before we arrive though, we need to make the journey by following the light from an usual star. Our Advent journey begins today.  It begins with hope as we gather at the Lord’s Table.  “I Am the Bread of life”, Jesus tells us, “Eat this bread and My life you’ll share.”  This is the bread Jesus gives to us.  We are all born of God – precious and sacred and containing a deep wellspring of life and healing that are in us to share.  His Name is Emmanuel – the God Who is with us – Who is made out of the same stuff we are and Who is made out of the same stuff God is and Who will not let either of us go.

Skennen’kó:wa – peace in Mohawk

We talk…dream…dance…sing…seek silence…meditate…pray…break bread together…search for new ways of knowing Christ…seek to love neighbour…the ways are endless…this is Grace.



Reverend Chris Matheson



December 2nd         First Sunday of Advent:              Be Hopeful

In God’s story, you are just right!



December 9th          Second Sunday of Advent:          Be Brave

In God’s story, everyone is special.


December 16th       Third Sunday of Advent:             Be Welcoming

In God’s story, there’s always enough.


The Junior Peace Players will be sharing

the Christmas Good News with us: “Angel’s Say What?!”


Peace Café to follow worship



December 23rd       Fourth Sunday of Advent:           Be Yourself

In God’s story, we all have a part.


Christmas Eve

Family Friendly Service at 4 pm

Candle Light and Holy Communion at 7pm



Always Good News


Reverend Chris Matheson